How to Change the World

What are we doing as leaders? 

Are we making this world a better place?

I ask myself this question on a daily basis - What am I doing that will outlast my physical life here on earth? It’s a question that can lead to overwhelming 

pressure if you let it. The interesting thing is this - it’s not the question of “what” but “who” - let me unpack this a bit. 

Someone once told me that if you want to build a wall, you start one brick at a time. Do not focus on “I have to build a wall and it has to be a perfect wall” but focus on how am I laying this one brick? What am I doing to secure and perfect this one brick today? If I focus on one brick each day, before I know it I will look up and see an amazing wall. 

You see changing the world begins with changing one - one person who goes on to change to another and so on. If we invest, serve and equip one another, changing the world is just simply changing a person.

So before you ask - how can I change the world, my business, my ministry or start up -ask yourself this: what is one brick I can lay TODAY? Before you know it, you will look up to see a wall build off your consistency and passion.